The huge influence Radiohead had on Anderson .Paak
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The huge influence Radiohead had on Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is one of the most dynamic artists around. His fusion of R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop and everything in between has seen him create an utterly delectable canon of music since his debut album landed in 2014. The characteristic makes Anderson. Paak seemingly stand alone in his eclectic nature. He’s a character that remains impossible to pin down — which is likely to have something to do with his varied musical upbringing, including artists like Tupac Shakur and The Beatles.

The American rapper, songwriter, drummer, singer and record producer Anderson .Paak once discussed his fondness for Radiohead in a hip-hop documentary.

The documentary trailer for Word Is Bond shared an insight into .Paak’s influences, he said “I love Radiohead’s stuff. I like sad white boy music, too.” Word Is Bond was a new feature documentary directed by Sacha Jenkins.

“I consider myself someone that’s coming up out of the hip-hop culture,”.Paak said. “And when I really was trying to write music, I thought I was going to be an MC. I thought I was going to be a gangster rapper,” he says. “I was influenced by Snoop and Dre, and there was nothing bigger than that.”

“I love Radiohead’s stuff. I like sad white boy music, too. That stuff is all important to me, and it all goes into my artistry, but it’s coming from a hip-hop perspective. I feel like it’s coming from a drummer’s perspective.”

According to a press release, “the film explores the transformative power of lyrics in the world of hip-hop.” In addition to .Paak, the documentary features interviews with Nas, Pusha T, J. Cole, Rapsody, Big Daddy Kane, and others.”

The rapper also included a Radiohead song when compiling a list of his favourites of all time, picking ‘Paranoid Android’: “I remember watching the animated video for this song with my little sis. We would almost be driven to tears on the outro vamp; so haunting and deep. We loved when MTV would play that video, we would stop everything we were doing and watch that long ass video.”