The Game shares his five favourite albums by L.A. rappers
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The Game shares his five favourite albums by L.A. rappers

The Game is undoubtedly one of the most financially successful rappers to come out of the Los Angeles hip-hop circuit, and now, the iconic rapper has recently shared the rap albums that he believes are the best to ever come of Los Angeles.

“Number one, The Chronic, for me,” The Game said first. “Just because in order of appearance is important to me, because everyone is motivated by things that happened before them.” The Chronic is the debut album by the legendary Dr. Dre and was also the record to introduce the world to Snoop Dogg.

Naturally, then, The Game followed up by mentioning Snoop. He said: “I have to go with Doggystyle after that. I feel like The Chronic was low-key Snoop’s first album too.” Doggystyle was released in 1993 as Snoop’s solo album, although, like The Game, many recognise the considerable contributions he made to Dre’s The Chronic.

In an expression of utter self-belief and confidence (and perhaps even a smidge of arrogance), The Game named his third favourite album to come out of L.A. to be his own, The Documentary. He said, “After that, it would have to be The Documentary just because of what that album did.”

Then The Game gave credence to arguably the most prominent rapper in the world right now, Kendrick Lamar. He said: “At number four, for me, it would have to be Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, because I watched Kendrick and his essence going from literally a good kid in a mad city.”

Going right back to 1991, The Game rounded off his list by naming an Ice Cube classic. He said: “Then at 5, I feel inclined to say Death Certificate just because of what that was to me.” Ice Cube’s Death Certificate was his second solo studio album after departing N.W.A.