The Game dismisses 50 Cent ghostwriting rumour
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The Game dismisses 50 Cent ghostwriting rumour

The longstanding tension between rap stars The Game and 50 Cent over their collaborations in the mid-2000s just got a new twist. The Game, a Compton-bred rapper, finally decided to break his silence over the rumours that he ghostwrote the hit ‘What Up Gangsta’ for 50 Cent.

The rumours suggested that The Game was the pen behind the memorable hook of ‘What Up Gangsta’, a standout track from 50 Cent’s breakthrough album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. During an interview with Bimma Williams on Amazon Music, The Game dismissed these claims, stating, “I didn’t write ‘What Up Gangsta’ for 50 — I was in there and part of the influence.”

He likened his role in creating the song to the collaborative dynamic between The LOX members, where input from one could influence another’s verse. The Game was also quick to credit himself for the West Coast vibe on the track, saying, “Obviously, y’know, ‘What up, Blood? What up, Cuz? What up, Gangstaaa?’ is Los Angeles influenced.”

While The Game clarified that he did not ghostwrite for 50 Cent, he acknowledged 50 Cent’s prowess as a writer. “50 a great writer, that’s what he do,” The Game said. “Especially anything that’s melodic, so hooks is his speciality, y’know what I’m sayin,’ and his verses be like his story, so he ain’t cappin.'”

Even as he paid respect to 50 Cent’s skills, The Game reasserted his own standing, “He really ’bout that life, but n-gga, so am I, so that’s where we bumped heads at. But yeah, I didn’t do no writing for 50, 50 ain’t do no writing for me.”

However, The Game did not shy away from asserting his superiority as a lyricist over 50 Cent. He noted, “50 is not a better writer than me. Not a better lyricist, y’know what I’m sayin’? Better with melodies, hooks — that’s his thing, I’ll give him that.”

The back and forth between the two artists over who contributed to whose early successes in their careers has been a constant over the years. Offering grudging respect, The Game added: “I’m not gonna take nothing away from nobody that’s good at what they good at, but as far as like lyricism, he can’t fuck with me.”