The Game calls his new record “the best rap album out right now”
(Credit: NRK P3)


The Game calls his new record “the best rap album out right now”

Being braggadocios in rap has never been something that precludes success, in fact, it’s almost an essential element of the hip hop oeuvre. Thus, it comes as no surprise that The Game has called his new record the best rap album about, but is it?

The famed Compton ‘Hate it or Love it’ rapper dropped his new record Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind and it has been occupying headlines ever since, mostly because of the wild 10-minute Eminem diss-track ‘The Black Slim Shady’.

With the likes of Pusha T also in the mix, the record has a joyously old-school, throwback feel to it. There’s a glory days feel to the album that many fans have rejoiced over, and seemingly The Game himself is one of them.

In a message to his fans, he said: “Everybody that supported the album, everybody that showed me love with this ‘Drillmatic…’ shit. Everybody that’s bumping it, sending me your favourite songs, posting it on your story, that shit means a lot to me.”

Adding: “It’s dope to be 20 years in… and still get the love and the support from my day-one fans and everybody in the world,” he added. “I promise you it’s the best rap album out right now… probably the best full album out, I ain’t gone even lie.”

You can check the record out for yourself below.