The family member that saw Ol’ Dirty Bastard before he died
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The family member that saw Ol' Dirty Bastard before he died

Ol’ Dirty Bastard was an icon and one of hip-hop’s most memorable artists. His role as a founding father of the Wu-Tang Clan was integral, and his rise to fame was extraordinary. The emcee (real name Russel Jones) was outlandish, loud and exciting. Sadly, his manic, intense delivery was coupled with frequent drug use, which unfortunately led to his demise.

However, Jones didn’t always use narcotics alone. In fact, the night before he tragically passed away in 2004, he was with a close family member and even encouraged his relative to join him.

Jones died of an overdose in 2004, and his post-mortem toxicology report showed a lethal mixture of cocaine and the prescription opioid tramadol was responsible for his death. In an online biography written by Steve Huey, during the early noughties, “it was difficult for observers to tell whether Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s wildly erratic behaviour was the result of serious drug problems or genuine mental instability.” 

But one person who knew of Jones’ deep-seated issues was his son, eldest son, ODB Jr. (real name Barsun Jones). The Brooklyn artist’s son was only a teenager when he passed away, but in an interview with DJ Vlad for Vlad TV, he revealed that he watched him get high the night before he died. He also shockingly unveiled his Dad forced him to watch him get high that night. 

The then-26-year-old admits he smoked weed when he was younger but found his father’s use of hard drugs uncomfortable, describing the 2004 night as the most memorable moment he ever had with him.

Opening up to DJ Vlad, ODB Jr detailed, “We was kind of hanging out. He was smoking a lot of drugs. So, the last time he was here, he got as high as he could ever get. He told me to sit there and watch him. Eye-to-eye. We did that. Then that was it.”

The emcee’s son even insisted that his father told him he was seeing angels before he passed away. Uncomfortably recalling the night, he continued, “My father was doing it in front of me and looking dead in my eye. Then he said it was ‘Time to elevate.'” After leaving the studio and heading back home, he admitted his family received a phone call that his father was pronounced dead.

You can watch ODB Jr. speaking to DJ Vlad in the video below.