The Christmas Film that stars Redman and MC Lyte
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The Christmas Film that stars Redman and MC Lyte

Legendary rapper Redman is known for being an amazing artist and an amazing actor. As one-half of the duo Method Man and Redman, Redman has had his fair share of success, appearing in the legendary stoner-comedy film How High as well as others.

Beginning his career as a rapper, Redman first broke onto the New York hip hop scene in 1992 with his debut album, Whut? Thee Album. Primarily making his name as a stoner-rapper with songs such as ‘How To Roll A Blunt’, ‘A Day Of Sooperman Lover’ and ‘I’m A Bad’, although the album did land on the Billboard 200 above 50, it did not peak high only reaching.

Originally part of the crew Hit Squad alongside K-Solo, Das-EFX, EPMD, Top Quality and the Knuckleheadz, Noble did not see success as quickly as his counterparts. EPMD garnered far more attention than Noble in the ’90s. However, he would eventually catch up with them in the 2000s.

In 1995, as a result of releasing subsequent mixtapes after his debut, Redman would become a nominee for ‘Best Lyricist of The Year’ at the Source Awards alongside the likes of Nas, Big Mike and The Notorious B.I.G. This provided exposure for the rapper, and would give him further traction as he headed into the late ’90s.

With so much attention going his way in 1998, Noble released his fourth album Doc’s Da Name 2000, which debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200. In 2001 he joined forces with Method Man for the stoner comedy How High?, and from here, he would grow by collaborating, co-producing and more. In 2002, the rapper even reunited with his old Hit Squad friend Erick Sermon for their collaborative album El Niño.

Redman has collaborated with all types of artists, including the likes of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon, Scarface and Missy Elliott. Since the turn of the millennium, Redman has only released two albums, Malpractice in 2001 and Red Gone Wild in 2005. Neither project was as successful as Doc’s Da Name 2000.

Having starred in How High? Redman transitioned into films around the year 2005, and with a hefty filmography, Redman is now more of an actor than a rapper. He is such an actor that he even starred in a Christmas film alongside MC Lyte, Hip-Hop Family Christmas Wedding. You can watch the trailer in the tweet below.