The celebrity Grandmaster Flash made cry
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The celebrity Grandmaster Flash made cry

Grandmaster Flash is an iconic hip-hop figure. He played an integral part in creating what we now call rap music. As such, the South Bronx native is a highly respected figure in the culture, and in 2007, he became the first rap performer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

However, in 2021, while attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland alongside Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, and Paul McCartney, Grandmaster Flash made one well-known celebrity cry. The DJ (real name Joseph Saddler) was accompanied by his crew, The Furious Five. One member present was Scorpio.

In an Instagram video posted by Scorpio, fans could watch the rapper meeting the iconic comedian Dave Chapelle. As Scorpio introduced himself, Chappelle responded, “Are you fucking kidding me?! Eddie Murphy used to tell me stories about you being outside of the club wearing clothes like you was from the future. My man. Oh my god. I know exactly who you are. It’s an honour, bro.”

The comedian continued, “Boy, you inspire the shit out of me in a way you never he even … Bro, the honour is mine. I’ve admired you since I was a little boy. No bullshit. I’m getting eyed just thinking about it. In Cleveland, Ohio, of all places. My guy. Much love. Boy, you made a difference in my life.”

LL Cool J and Jay-Z were two of the hip-hop acts who were inducted into the Hall of Fame that evening, with performances from both as well as Eminem. Chapelle also met Jay-Z that evening. however, it was his interaction with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five that moved him the most.

As they exchanged words, Chapelle began to well-up with some visible tears as he met his idols from childhood in his hometown. According to Scorpio, comedian Eddie Murphy had always told Chapelle stories about him.

Divulging, he explained, “Eddie Murphy always told Dave [Chapelle] good stories about me. We were real good friends. He was my friend personally. That’s why when I said I was Scorpio, Dave was like, ‘Yo! Eddie Murphy!”

You can see Chapelle meeting Scorpio in the video below.