The Big Boi and Frank Ocean collaboration the label blocked
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The Big Boi and Frank Ocean collaboration the label blocked

Frank Ocean is a rapper and singer who first made his name as the quiet, softly-spoken member of Odd Future. As a member of the legendary LA crew, Ocean managed to gather a cult following and has since become a contemporary R’n’B icon.

Ocean’s reclusive persona is intriguing and refreshing for fans, but he also has a unique look. Some may have described him as ‘abstract’ or even slightly ‘lonely’ looking, but that is part of his appeal. 

His enigmatic and elusive behaviour adds to his mystery but, at the same time, frustrates fans who are eager to hear his music. Unlike his former Odd Future counterparts, he has engaged with his fans less and held back far more. However, it has recently been unveiled that Big Boi of Outkast initially had a verse on the 2012 track ‘Pink Matter’ from Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange.

Produced by Om’Mas Keith, Frank Ocean and Malay, ‘Pink Matter’ ultimately only featured André 3000, but Big Boi was originally featured on the record. Recently, a TikTok user ‘ReviewsHoneyBee’ shared Big Boi’s unreleased verse, writing, “Did you know Big Boi had a verse on ‘Pink Matter’ by Frank Ocean?”

The Atlanta emcee then reposted the clip. The social media user claimed that the record label blocked Big Boi from featuring on the track. However, the lyricist (real name Antwan Patton) has now clarified what actually happened.

Taking to Twitter/X, Patton wrote, “​​Dre didn’t want an Outkast record coming out on anybody else LP.” At the time of Channel Orange’s release in 2012, esteemed music magazine Rolling Stone published that the reason Patton didn’t appear on the track was because he was too busy working on his LP, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

The unreleased Big Boi verse hears him rap, “Doesn’t matter if she wanna be with me, so it’s cool / I make her call me B.B. King because I give her the blues / But not on purpose though, she was the perfect hostess / When I come over, we would do the grossest, most beautifulest things on a bed of roses.”

A makeshift remix featuring the track, including Patton’s verse, has since been created, and the unofficial song premiered on the East Village Radio program Keep it Thoro. You can see Big Boi’s Tweet and listen to the remix below.