The basic method of communication Rick Ross has never used
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The basic method of communication Rick Ross has never used

Miami rapper Rick Ross has reached the top of the charts and is one of the most successful MCs from his city. From founding the potent label Maybach Music Group (MMG) to becoming an ambassador of the Wingstop franchise, the lyricist (real name William Roberts) has become a mogul.

However, despite his success and many collaborations, there is one mode of communication the rapper has never used, which shocked many fans. In a recent interview, Roberts spoke about breaking through as an artist in 2006 and building his empire while the music industry evolves.

In a strange turn of events, while discussing technology, collaborations and streaming, the ‘Hustlin’ rhymer unveiled that he’s never used email or had his own email address. Revealing he doesn’t understand a lot of the streaming technology that now runs the music industry, Roberts declared, “You talking to a n*gga who ain’t never had an email.”

During the interview, Ross addressed how he navigates the music industry in the modern era, considering he rose to fame during the period of CDs. While talking about physical copies of music, the Miami lyricist unveiled that, in his opinion, going to the store to buy an album and sometimes meeting the artist for a record signing is a more genuine way of consuming music.

Unveiling that he doesn’t like the streaming set-up of the music industry today, Ross stated, “I’ve only really released one album since the streaming really been at its strongest point, so for me, of course, my greatest times were when we was at Best Buy for the signings. That was the best feeling versus streaming. Ain’t no real connection with the fans now, to me.”

He continued, “I loved going to autograph day, and the f*cking line was from [the door] all the way down the [street]. So, the love for the streaming, it’s cool. We still get money, but is it from the streaming, or is it from the brand or Da Boss Rick Ross? ‘Cause regardless, I don’t care what we streaming, Da Boss Rick Ross got demands that’s gotta be met.”

Rick Ross’ last project was his 2021 LP, Richer Than I Ever Been and although he has released many bodies of work since the rise of Spotify, his Wingstop franchises may have relieved any of the financial distress that comes with streaming. You can hear Rick Ross speaking about never having an email below.