The 1990s legend A$AP Ferg was compared to
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The 1990s legend A$AP Ferg was compared to

The Wu-Tang Clan and A$AP Mob are very similar in many respects. Not only did both collectives arise from the underground of New York City, but both groups have an unfathomable number of members, with the Wu-Tang Clan comprising nine individuals and the A$AP Mob made up of 11 MCs.

However, one particular member of Harlem’s A$AP Mob has been compared to a member of the Wu-Tang Clan due to his raw, unapologetic and eccentric lyrical delivery. This comparison was made by the legendary Brooklyn comedian Tracy Morgan.

Taking to social media, A$AP Ferg shared a video of himself by the side of Morgan, who was driving around New York blasting hip-hop out of his car. During their exchange, Morgan gave the emcee (real name Darold Ferguson) an astonishing compliment and compared the Hamilton Heights native to the late Wu legend Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Speaking about the entire A$AP Mob, Morgan stated, “Yo, can I tell you something? You the ODB of that group, man! You the heart and soul of that. You know how I feel about you.” However, this isn’t the first time Ferg has been compared to the 1990s legend.

In a 2013 interview with the online media outlet Fuse, the A$AP Mob member admitted he could definitely see the similarities, stating, “I can see why they would compare me to ODB because my style is not fathered. I have an unorthodox style, you never know what’s gon’ happen.”

He continued, “I was told that ODB would just walk into people’s sessions, Mariah Carey’s session, like, ‘Let me jump in the booth.’ That’s me! I would do something like that, and that’s why I would get the crazy-ass features ’cause I’m not afraid. But everybody is receptive to me, like I’m a warm person, I’m a people person, and I think ODB was that people’s person.”

Morgan’s praise of A$AP Ferg held special weight to many as the comedian and actor had a personal relationship with Ol’ Dirty Bastard. In a 2022 radio interview with ‘Sway in the Morning’, the actor and comedian told a story about ODB, recalling, “ODB would come see me perform and then me and him would get in the car, in the drop-top and go crazy around New York City.”

“Just wildin’. And then one night, we hung out ’til like four in the morning. We went to Brooklyn. We went to my mom’s crib and all that. Then we rolled to the city, and there was the studio. And we went in the studio, and I seen a complete change. He’s business, man. I see the complete change.”

You can see Morgan speaking to A$AP Ferg in the video below.