Tekashi 6ix9ine bodyguard challenges attackers to a fight to the death
(Credit: Vladimir)


Tekashi 6ix9ine bodyguard challenges attackers to a fight to the death

The outspoken bodyguard responsible for protecting Tekashi 6ix9ine has proposed a prize fight against the attackers who jumped his client in an LA Fitness earlier this week. The bodyguard, nicknamed Bam-Bam, detailed the offer in a since-deleted Instagram post, proposing a prize of $10,000 for the winner. 

The offer came after some social media users stoked rumours that he had been involved in 6ix9ine’s attack at the Florida gym. “First of all thanks for the free promo,” he captioned an Instagram blog post questioning his role. 

“I need it but second the whole city know how I move N if any of my guys put hands on somebody they ain’t gone move Let alone go fuck for bitches all vixens like @6ix9ine just did… last person disrespect ended up falling asleep in his own piss.”

“These Negas with some pillow fist ain’t even that worry about my ex-wife would whoop they a*s. Weak a*s clowns weak a*s punches,” he continued. “THEY WONT CLAIM IT THO…Me n @bullet_guzman spoke he say it ain’t him watch the video n it ain’t him.. n I don’t beat people up at LA FITNESS we do it for real @goatshed.”

Bam-Bam ended the Instagram caption by challenging the men who attacked 6ix9ine to a fight-to-the-death scenario. As Bam-Bam detailed, if he loses he’ll cough up $10,000, but if he wins, the attackers would lose their lives.

“SO THISE GUYS IN THE VIDEO 3 n 4 counting camera guy .. 4 vs 1 y’all weak ass bitches against me .. you win I pay you 10,000$ n if you lose you die .. there will be no ref.. CLAIM IT GANGSTAS,” he said.

A video showing 6ix9ine’s attack in a gym bathroom surfaced online earlier this week and shows the rapper taking heavy blows and kicks to the body as he lies defensively on the floor. 6ix9ine was transported to a local hospital following the incident and is reportedly in stable condition.