(Credit: Benoit Derrier)


Talib Kweli says De La Soul own the rights to their music

Talib Kweli has taken to Instagram to share the positive news that De La Soul are in charge of their masters and own the rights to their music.

De La Soul’s earlier releases are unavailable on streaming services after they split up from Tommy Boy Records in 2019 after 30 years with the label. Over the last two years, the hip hop trio has been desperately trying to regain control of their music, and now they’ve finally made it happen.

In 2019, the rap group said: “Tommy Boy says they are ‘not in the business of giving artists back their Masters.’ We realise, there is a process in reclaiming ownership but we do not trust Tommy Boy in this process after so many years of disappointment. Therefore, our catalogue will not see the light of day by way of our involvement or consent.”

However, this year, Tommy Boy was acquired by Reservoir earlier this year, they immediately reached out to De La Soul, and the issue seems to be finally resolved.

Talib Kweli wrote on Instagram: “After years of being taken advantage by the recording industry in the worst possible ways, De La Soul now owns all the rights to their masters and is in full control of the amazing music they have created.

“Let’s salute Plugs 1, 2 and 3 for sticking to their guns and showing us that we can all beat the system if we come together as a community. Let’s hear it for black ownership of black art! Congratulations fellas.”