T.I. takes aim at Kanye West: “He just stopped reading the room”
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T.I. takes aim at Kanye West: "He just stopped reading the room"

Kanye West has been relatively quiet since he had his Twitter account reactivated earlier this year. However, in a recent appearance on the New York radio show The Breakfast Club, Atlanta rapper T.I. opened up about his relationship with the Chicago producer. 

Opening up about his experience working with Kanye in the 2000s, T.I. unveiled, “Kanye was cool to hear, man, I ain’t even gonna cap. Kanye was…how can I say…he was more conversational. He read the room a lot better.”

However, he believes that the Graduation musician has changed, stating, “It feels like Ye, y’know, he got to a point where he just stopped reading the room and just gave everything everywhere, y’know what I mean?”

T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) recalled hearing some of West’s early tracks before their release, recounting, “He was just so excited playing it, and I’m listening, and when I heard ‘Jesus Walks,’ I said, ‘man he gonna either do really well or extremely bad.'”

When West was embracing Trump, T.I. collaborated with him on a politically charged track entitled, ‘Ye vs the People’ in which the Southern veteran speaks for the people. During which Ye rapped, “I know Obama was heaven-sent / But ever since Trump won, It proved that I could be president.”

Harris then responds with the lyrics, “Yeah, you can, at what cost though?/Don’t that go against the teachings that Ye talk for?” Since then, however, the two have drifted apart to the extent that Harris even disdains West.

Following his slew of anti-semitic tweets, rants about Pete Davidson and public breakdown T.I. has evidently distanced himself from the rapper and hasn’t come to his defence nor challenged other Southern rappers such as Boosie Badazz, who assert that West has an internal self-hatred of his own race.