T.I. and Tiny not to face charges over sexual assault and drugging allegations
(Credit: Carla)


T.I. and Tiny not to face charges over sexual assault and drugging allegations

T.I. and his wife, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, will not face charges relating to allegations that the couple committed sexual assault and drugging.

The incident allegedly took place in 2005, and the statute of limitations is only 10-years. 

It’s been confirmed to TMZ and Pitchfork that the case won’t be continued for this reason alone. A new declination provided by the Los Angeles County Attorney’s office says “the case is declined due to the expiration of the Statute of Limitations.” 

When the LAPD first opened the case, it was muted they were exploring two alleged cases of sexual assault. However, the latest filing only looks at one incident, claimed to have taken place in 2005.

A woman made the allegations, but her identity has remained anonymous by her choosing. She filed a police report with two LAPD officers in April of this year.

Pitchfork has seen the report, and the woman says that T.I. and Tiny took her to a hotel room. It was there where she was given a drink by Tiny, which she said was “most likely drugged” before T.I. penetrated her vagina with his toes without her consent.

T.I. recently addressed the allegations during an episode of The Big Facts Live podcast, where he said, “Shit didn’t happen.”

“To be honest with you bro, stupid people listen to stupid people,” T.I. continued. “It’s simple as that. The name of the show is Big Facts. You show me one motherfuckin’ big fact on the subject, and we can continue the discussion. This shit started January 29th.”