Suge Knight: Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell were “lovers”
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Suge Knight: Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell were "lovers"

During a recent episode of his podcast Collect Call With Suge Knight, the former Death Row record executive claimed that the former head of Uptown Records, Andre Harrell and founder of Def Jam, Russell Simmons, were “lovers.”

As part of the podcast, which was set up in collaboration with Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media last year, Knight claimed that this relationship led Diddy to engage in alleged sexual activity behind the scenes. Knight insisted that it was the influence of Andre Harrell. 

Detailing what he claims was well-known behind the scenes, Knight asserted, “Andre Harrell and Russell Simmons – everybody know. They might not wanna say it, [but] they know they was lovers. They participated in those types of things. Now, once again, a person has the right to be whatever they wanna be. But own it!”

He continued, “These men in the industry don’t consider theyself gay. They consider themselves messing with women, but they really don’t like the women because they beat the shit out of them.”

He then explained why the executives engage in these alleged activities, unveiling, “They just believe that they’re having fun with each other. So when you take Andre Harrell and Russell Simmons, Uptown, Def Jam — freaky shit.”

For a long time, artists such as 50 Cent have suggested that Diddy is a latent homosexual, and the rumours have never ceased to follow the Bad Boy Entertainment founder.

As he concluded his podcast, Suge finished, “Puffy get his intern stuff with Andre Harrell. You know the answer already. That started his journey. Puffy started some journeys. It’s not really good to name-call, but it gotta stop. But so I don’t get sued, I gotta use the word ‘allegedly.'”