Suge Knight accuses Akon of raping a 13-year-old girl
(Credit: Nick Leisure)


Suge Knight accuses Akon of raping a 13-year-old girl

The infamous gangster and former Death Row executive Suge Knight recently launched a new podcast and has now made an extreme allegation, claiming that the Senegalese-American singer AKon once raped a 13-year-old girl. 

In an interview with The Source magazine about his new podcast Collect Call, which is being released in collaboration with Breakbeat Media, the now-incarcerated label executive claimed that his beef with the ‘Locked Up’ singer has been ongoing for years and asserted that the vocalist sexually assaulted the 13-year-old sister of one of Knight’s associates, as well as the girl’s 12-year-old friend.

Speaking to the journalist Dave Mays about the contents of the first episode, Knght unveiled, “I wasn’t going to bring it up, [But] one of my homegirls, she was a hustler. She had a little sister — 13 years old. And her best friend was 12 years old. She’s in the car with him.”

He continued, “[Akon] said, ‘Come by, just for 20 minutes.’ [And she said] ‘I can’t do it right now. I gotta take my little sister home with her friend. I’ll be back in about an hour.’ He said, ‘Come by in 20 minutes, I got a big payday for you.'”

Knight detailed what happened after the rendezvous, alleging, They looked scared. And they were crying. “Akon, you fucked the little girl, 13 — Detail fucked the little girl, 12 years old. Y’all raped them.'”

The online music publication HipHopDX reached out to both Akon and Detail’s teams for comment on Suge Knight’s claims. However, there was no response. In 2020, Akon spoke about his former beef with Knight and insisted it was related to money. However, he asserted it was old.

This isn’t the first wild allegation Knight has made from behind bars. he has previously claimed that Dr Dre didn’t produce any of his own music and also accused Snoop Dogg of acquiring Death Row illegally.