Styles P reveals that J Cole’s apology “confused” him
(Credit: Eddie Rissling)


Styles P reveals that J Cole's apology "confused" him

Lox rapper Styles P recently took to social media to reveal that he is both confused and emotionally torn about J Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar following the release of Cole’s diss track ‘7 Minute Drill.’

Styles P is a rapper who was present in the early 2000s to witness legendary New York battles such as the ones between Jay-Z and Nas, as well as 50 Cent and Ja Rule. As such, it is no surprise that as the Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Drake feud played out, he was confused to see an artist at the heart of it apologising for a diss track.

Taking to Instagram, Styles P (real name Davis Styles) shared his feelings on the entire situation, writing, “The emcee with a competitive nature part of me is upset at that young man while the mental wellness take care of your spirit part of me is very proud of him [three crying emojis].”

He continued, “He just confused the shit out of my frequencies [three crying emojis] but imma always go with the take care of your spirit and please y’all self before you worry about pleasing others!”

The Time Is Money musician shared his theory by stating that, in his opinion, Cole never wanted to release a diss track but felt pressured by the culture to do so, writing, “My hypothesis is this is something that he never wanted to do, but the nature of the game and what the people say can dictate your movement.”

He also added that Cole was afraid of the potential escalation that occurs when MCs are battling, writing, “Throwing jabs eventually leads to throwing power shots at some point, and that ain’t his thing or something he wants to do with his fam, so he chooses to bow out gracefully.” 

Although he respects Cole’s decision, which is akin to many others, he admitted wanting to see a “lyrical war” as it provides compelling entertainment for the culture. However, it is evident we won’t see that from Cole. As for Drake, it is still unclear.