Styles P on how KRS-One gave him “superpowers”
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Styles P on how KRS-One gave him "superpowers"

Styles P is regarded as one of hip-hop’s most versatile emcees. Beginning his career as part of the epic Yonkers supergroup The LOX, the rapper (real name David Styles) also cemented himself as an exceptional solo emcee outside the group.

During an interview with online music publication HipHopDX, the ‘Good Times’ rapper spoke about his status as a trailblazer and how he has honed his lyrical skill over the years. According to the Yonkers emcee, two emcees alone inspired him to improve himself lyrically constantly.

“You know what I was the first human being to do? This is why I might be the rap mutant,” Styles explained. “I was the first person to ever do this. I was blessed enough to be on the road with Rakim a lot and do shows. House of Blues LA Rakim is performing, and who does Rakim bring out to perform with him. Look this shit up. Rakim brings out KRS-One!

According to Styles, being onstage with the two hip-hop artists of that stature was an overwhelming experience. Recalling how elated he was. Styles revealed how, that night, he suddenly felt the urge to jump on stage and touch the two New York legends to ensure it was not all a dream.

Elaborating on his disbelief at the time, the artist proclaimed, “They never been on the stage together before. Rakim and KRS are fucking ripping it down. It’s crazy. You know what I did? I couldn’t even help myself, but I ran out and touched Rakim and KRS at the same time while they was performing!” Styles explained how at this moment, KRS-One gave him “rap superpowers” and disclosed that sharing the stage with these two artists was the true origin of his career. 

The hitmaker continued, “I’m Professor X, are you kidding me?! I couldn’t even contain myself. I ran out. Kid Capri said I was a smart n*gga for that one. This is crazy. I touched Rakim and KRS, and it was like the powers just came through me. I was already nice, but that did something to me. I told you my secret. I let it out right here. God damn it!” Although there is no footage of the House Of Blues performance below you can watch a video of Styles P live in Philadelphia.