Snoop Dogg’s WWE championship vanishes
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Snoop Dogg's WWE championship vanishes

Rapper Snoop Dogg has long had a connection to the world of professional wrestling and WWE. Notably, the Californian rapper’s relationship with the famous promotion company was crystallised in 2016 when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. That year, he also appeared at WrestleMania 32 when he performed at his cousin Sasha Banks’ entrance performer. 

Now, Snoop Dogg has linked up with WWE again, this time to assist with a storyline. Back in August, the ‘Gin and Juice’ rapper was presented with a custom-made WWE championship by Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch at the WrestleMania 39 ticket launch party. Clearly over the moon with the prize, Snoop took it with him on his ‘Holidaze of Blaze’ tour. However, at the weekend, he announced on Instagram that it has gone missing.

“#WWEGoldenTitle is just perfect. I brought it out on The Holidaze of Blaze Tour to show the fans how dope it is but it came up missin!!! I NEED it 911 ASAP before #WrestleMania in Hollywood so if y’all see it, let me know!” Snoop wrote. In response, WWE’s official Twitter called for a search for the missing belt.

Interestingly, it was later confirmed that the missing championship is part of a broader storyline, although facts on the matter are scarce. It has been noted that it is probably to aid in the promotion of WrestleMania 39 on social media. 

Adding traction to the plot is that not long after, Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live posted a video on Twitter showing him with the belt, telling Snoop that he’s “not giving it back to you”. However, only moments later in the video, Guillermo claims that he’s now lost the title, telling Snoop, “Sorry man”.

This is a developing story.