Snoop Dogg sexual assault lawsuit dismissed for third time
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Snoop Dogg sexual assault lawsuit dismissed for third time

Another sexual assault lawsuit against Snoop Dogg has been dismissed. The 51-year-old rapper had been named in a case in which an anonymous woman using the ‘Jane Doe’ name accused him of using intimidation and coercion in order for her to perform sexual acts on him some ten years ago.

The incident is alleged to have occurred at a studio session between the woman, Snoop Dogg and his mentor Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan. The woman had claimed that the rapper had tried “threaten, intimidate and coerce [her] into not exercising her constitutional rights to engage in a mediation.”

Much of the case had been dismissed by a judge in California, but the woman was allowed to refile her suit by a given date. However, the woman missed the deadline, and the lawsuit has now been outrightly dismissed.

A spokesperson for Snoop Dogg said in a statement, “The complaint refiled today against Snoop Dogg by ‘Jane Doe’, and her attorney is meritless. It follows Jane Doe’s attorney’s voluntarily dismissing just a few months ago her previous complaint on the alleged matter. He also dismissed an earlier complaint – this is the third try.”

It looks as though this will be the end of the lawsuit.