Snoop Dogg responds to Island Boys’ violent threat
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Snoop Dogg responds to Island Boys' violent threat

He may well be one of the legendary rappers of the golden age of hip-hop, but underneath it all, Snoop Dogg is still not someone to be messed around with. Not only does the rapper have some murky corners in his past, but he’s also widely known to be an avid fan and practitioner of MMA.

The west coast icon has responded to Island Boys rapper Flyysoulja, who recently threatened violence on the Doggfather, in retaliation to some of Snoop’s comments about the group.

Those came a few years back when the sensational video that launched the Island Boys group was featured on Peacock’s 21 and Done show, hosted by Snoop and Kevin Hart. “I’m speechless,” said the rap legend, “Two goofballs in the pool—I don’t know and ain’t tryna understand it.”

“Listen, if Snoop Dogg were to say that to me in real life, on sight, I would fade,” the Island Boys rapper shared in a 2021 TikTok video. “I would beat his ass. On everything. I swear to God on my life I would. I swear to God, if I ever see him it’s on sight.”

Flyysoulja then cooled on his comments, sharing love for the Californian: “My fault. I didn’t mean to be mean to Snoop Dogg. All love, Snoop Dogg. He’s an inspiration and he kinda put me down with the way he was talking about me. At the end of the day, I am a human being, and I feel like he tried. Alright, Snoop Dogg.”

Now, Snoop Dogg has responded to the video by splicing it with a clip of someone wildly underperforming in a boxing pads session, followed by the final scene of Snoop yelling, “Shut the fuck up, bitch.”

“I don’t want no [smoke] cuz,” read the caption, followed by a lot of laughing face emojis.

Watch the full video below.