Snoop Dogg is ready to appear on the British TV show Coronation Street
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Snoop Dogg is ready to appear on the British TV show Coronation Street

Snoop Dogg is in the news again. Although Ice Cube once told him to consider the roles he takes carefully, the Long Beach rapper (real name Calvin Broadus) is willing and ready to appear on British TV as a cast member of Coronation Street. Furthermore, the emcee has admitted he is even a fan of the show.

Coronation Street is a fictional series or “soap opera” about a group of people who live in a Northern town named Weatherfield. The programme includes various issues surrounding friendship, family, community, betrayal and crime. The show has been running since 1960 and gets aired six times a week. It is one of the most popular TV shows in the UK, especially amongst people aged between 50 to 90 years old.

It is a British staple TV show and is an iconic series that has become one of the longest-running in the world. It is, in fact, so popular that each time it’s aired, approximately 14 million viewers tune in to see what’s going to happen. Just over half of the UK’s population watch the show. Broadus has a strange love for UK-based shows, and after already admitting he is a fan of Peaky Blinders he has now revealed Coronation Street is also on his watchlist. Snoop Dogg apparently reached out to the Coronation Street team in 2010 to appear on the show. Speaking to the BBC about it Snoop revealed, “I had my agent reach out to them to see if they could try to get me on, and they said they were interested, so hopefully, it might happen. It would be perfect for me to be on the show.”

Giving even more praise, the rapper once told UK newspaper The Sun, he is ready to appear “whenever they need”. He followed up by stating, “Coronation Street, I love it. If they call me, I’ll do it. I’ll play whenever they need. I love the cinematography, acting, the storylines and just the reality.”

Whether or not Snoop’s accent and swagger would be out of place in Weatherfield is still a big question and although it is highly doubtful that Coronation Street would ever want Broadus on the programme it must be nice for them to know that their production is reaching further than just the UK. You can see a trailer for the show in the video below.