Snoop Dogg feels that Tupac Shakur took his shine
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Snoop Dogg feels that Tupac Shakur took his shine

Snoop Dogg and 2pac were a dynamic duo during the 1990s, and as the face of Death Row Records, the pair were the kingpins of LA hip-hop and spearheads of the G-funk movement. However, irrespective of their long-standing friendship, West Coast MCs and affiliates of the two have unveiled that despite their mutual admiration and respect, initially, Snoop Dogg was jealous of 2Pac’s rapid rise to fame upon joining Death Row in 1994.

In an interview with The Art Of Dialogue podcast, Outlawz member and longtime friend of 2pac, Napoleon, suggested that Shakur’s almost instantaneous reverence initially irked Snoop Dogg. Furthermore, the rapper alluded that Snoop desired to be viewed and praised in a similar manner to 2pac.

The Outlawz member (real name Mutah Beale) even insinuates that Snoop regularly mentions 2pac in interviews to say the things about Shakur he couldn’t state when he was alive. Referencing Broadus, Napoleon stated, “Maybe some of the things he couldn’t tell Pac face-to-face, you know, he can do it in these interviews.”

Elaborating on how Broadus’ initial jealousy plays out today, Beale explained, “It’s sad. And one of the reasons why I always try to correct this is because him and Pac were friends. I already know why he doin’ that, bro. Imagine if you’re the biggest star on Death Row, and Pac come and take all your shine, you understand? And 25 years later, Pac died, and every time you do an interview, that name is brought up. So maybe he’s just trying to take that shine from Pac. You know what I mean?”

According to Napoleon, one source of friction between Snoop and Shakur was 2pac’s creation of the savage Bad Boy diss record ‘Hit’ Em Up.’ In an interview with Big Boy, Snoop explained, “Man, I’d say a week before he died, we was best of friends. Two days before he died, I don’t think he liked me. Because we was in New York and sh*t had happened. New York ni**as had shot at me and did all kinds of sh*t to me, just the worst sh*t you could think of, and I forgave ’em. Then I went and did an interview and was asked how did I feel about Puffy and Biggie. I was like, ‘I like them ni**as, I wanna do some music with’ em.'”

Napoleon firmly stated later in the interview that Snoop is happy to talk negatively about Shakur and his music because he is still salty that he had to operate in 2pac’s shadow during the ’90s. You can listen to The Art Of Dialogue podcast interview in the video below.