Snoop Dogg claims his early rap were written on a typewriter
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Snoop Dogg claims his early rap were written on a typewriter

Lord Snoop Dogg is a member of the aristocracy of rap. This is a lofty position that cheesy Instagram pages will claim he lived into existence by writing rhymes like a bygone king even before he hit the big time. 

In a business-like fashion, rather than scribble his raps down on errand notepads, Snoop Dogg has revealed that he borrowed a typewriter from 2Scoops of the F-funk rap collective The Dove Shack.

Speaking with The 85 South Comedy Show, the legendary ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ musician said: “2Scoops that was in the group, when I first started writing raps, I used to use that n**** typewriter.”

Adding: “I was writing on paper, because, and I would lose my shit, and this n**** typewriter was organised. This n**** had paper organised and shit, so I was like, ‘I’m just going to type my shit up’, and I used to type like 65 words a minute, n****.”

This was a method that dated back to his school days. “It was a skill I took up at a little white junior high school I went to. They gave a n**** typing classes, and I took it,” he said. 

Concluding: “I was one of them students that — I took a wood class, a metal class, I took typing, I took home economics… I didn’t just want to be in the class with the homies and shit and then go home and get a whopping and get in trouble for fucking up.”

So, there we have it, that is why the gangly beat master crafts rhymes with a classy edge.