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Smooth B says Tupac predicted he'd be dead at 25

Smooth B has revealed Tupac accurately predicted he’d be dead by 25.

The hip hop cult legend’s latest comments will only aggravate the rumours of Shakur faking his own death. According to Smooth, Pac was obsessed with his early demise and knew he was here for a good time rather than a long time.

Famously on ‘If I Die Tonight’ from 1995’s Me Against The World, he raps: “I hope they bury me and send me to my rest, Headlines readin ‘Murdered to death’, My last breath.”

Additionally, on ‘Only God Can Judge Me’, Pac spits: “Flatline/I hear the doctor standing over me screamin’ I can make it, Got a body full of bullet holes layin’ here naked, Still I, can’t breathe, Somethings evil in my IV/’Cause every time I breathe, I think they killin’ me.” 

Smooth recently recalled a conversation with Pac about mortality, which has stayed with him all these years. He remembered when Shakur visited him in a hotel and saw photos of his children scattered across the room.

Smooth B told Pac: “You’ll make a great father.” However, Pac replied “Nah, I ain’t gonna be no father. I ain’t gonna be around long enough to have no kids.” Smooth B asked how old he was at the time and he said 23.

“He said, ‘N****, I’m telling you. I ain’t gonna live past 25,'” he continued.

“Now when I was younger, I used to think the same thing. So when he said that to me, I said, ‘Yo, my n****, no, no, no. Listen, listen. No.’ Cause at the time, I’m 28, almost 30. I said, ‘Nah, it don’t go like that. Trust me. I used to feel the same way.’

“That n**** just looked at me with a dead ass stare and said, ‘Smooth, listen. I already seen it. I know how I’m gonna go out, n****.’ When that shit happened at 25, I was floored. I was fucking floored.”