Slowthai appears in court after two rape charges
(Credit: George Muncey)


Slowthai appears in court after two rape charges

Months after the release of his last album UGLY, Slowthai appeared in court after being accused of two counts of rape. Slowthai had previously been working on promotion for his latest album, which details the struggles he has had with his emotions since his debut There’s Nothing Great About Britain.

Joining the court date via video link, Slowthai made an appearance only to confirm his real name, Tyron Frampton, date of birth and current address. As this was the first hearing, no further details were released.

The prosecution is bringing the rapper up on charges including the oral and vaginal penetration of a woman without consent in September of 2021. The alleged incident took place in Oxford and is being heard by the Oxfordshire courts.

For privacy purposes, the names of the victims have not been made public at this time. The persecution lawyer also insists that such an offence must be heard in a crown court. After getting bail for the offence, Frampton is scheduled to appear in court in June 2023.

As of yet, there has been no public statement from Slowthai or his management. Further details are expect to emerge in the coming weeks as the case develops.