(Credit: Brick Stowell)

Second defendant pleads guilty to fentanyl distribution in Mac Miller case

A second defendant has pled guilty in the case surrounding the death of Mac Miller from an accidental overdose in 2018.

Ryan Michael Reavis is one of three defendants in the case and had previously pled not guilty. Reavis has now changed his plea. Last month, Stephen Andrew Walter admitted he was guilty of fentanyl distribution and agreed to a prison sentence of 17 years. Meanwhile, the third defendant Cameron James Pettit also reportedly came to an agreement; however, it is still pending.

Walter confessed in a written statement given to the Los Angeles federal court, “I am pleading guilty because I am guilty of the charge and wish to take advantage of the promises set forth in this agreement.”

Now, Pitchfork reports that Reavis’ plea agreement accepts that around September 4th, 2018, Walter supplied counterfeit oxycodone pills to Reavis, who passed the goods on to Pettit, who sold them to Miller.

The document reads, “[Reavis] knew that these pills that defendant provided to Pettit contained fentanyl or some other federally controlled substance; in fact, the pills contained fentanyl.”

Reavis’ plea agreement states Miller “would not have died from an overdose but for the fentanyl contained in the pills that [Miller] had received from Pettit (and that Pettit had received from [Reavis]) on September 4th, 2018”.