Scotland Yard set to investigate Tim Westwood over sex crimes accusations
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Scotland Yard set to investigate Tim Westwood over sex crimes accusations

Ten or more reports of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour have been made regarding former BBC DJ Tim Westwood. The BBc have already announced an internal investigation, however, it has now been revealed that Scotland Yard is undertaking a criminal investigation.

Detectives first received claims of sexual assaults back in April after a BBC documentary aired wherein seven women made allegations against the hip hop DJ. Recently, several members of staff who worked alongside the DJ during his time at the BBC argued that the organisation didn’t do enough to prevent his behaviour. 

An employee who worked with the BBC in the 2010s, claimed that they complained about “unacceptable bullying” only to be told, “be quiet, don’t say any more, be careful what you say.” Given some of the other high-profile abuses of power at the BBC, this accusation is highly alarming. 

In the report, a “boys club” culture was allowed to go on unmitigated during his time at the BBC. As one employee stated: “There was a culture of ‘don’t piss off the talent’, and everyone else was fair game.”

A BBC spokesperson has since commented on the issue, saying: “We are taking this incredibly seriously and want to understand what happened with regard to the BBC.”

Continuing: “At the beginning of the month we confirmed we had received a number of complaints relating to allegations of bullying and sexual harassment. As we have set out, we are fully committed to investigating them and when that work has concluded we will publish findings.”

Since then, further reports have come to forward, including one from a woman who stated that she began having sexual relations with Westwood when she was 14. When asked about the reports Scotland Yard refused to name the DJ but commented: “Detectives from the Met’s Central Specialist Crime continue to investigate four reports relating to allegations of non-recent sexual offences allegedly committed by a man.”

The statement continued: “The offences are alleged to have occurred in London in 1982, 1985, 2010 and 2016. There have been no arrests, enquiries continue.”

Westwood stepped down from his role at Capital Xtra back in April, but he continues to deny any wrongdoing. “Our client confirms that there has never been any complaint made against him, whether officially or unofficially, relating to claims of inappropriate behaviour of the nature described,” a spokesperson for the DJ reported.