Scarface once called Nas a “masterful MC”
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Scarface once called Nas a "masterful MC"

In an interview with hip-hop publication Rock The Bells, Scarface spoke on various subjects, from his recording process to his time as the president of Def Jam South. He also the different collaborations he has done over the years, including his collaboration with Nas on his 2002 album, The Fix.

Scarface’s career origins are rooted firmly in the late 1980s. As one of the first mainstream hip-hop artists out of the South, his legendary as a former member of the Geto Boys, the rapper is one of the most respected emcees in hip-hop.

Disclosing his recording preferences, the rapper (real name Bradley Jordan) revealed, “I don’t like nobody in the studio with me when I’m producing, or when I’m rapping. I don’t want the distractions. I don’t want you f*ckin’ talkin’. I don’t want you on your phone. I don’t want you recording. I want you to get the f*ck out. I don’t play around in there because that was my livelihood, that was how I earned my living so I took it serious as f*ck.”

In 2002, just after Jay-Z’s beef with Nas, Scarface unveiled that he wanted the two of them on a record together for his debut album, The Fix. Recalling his desire to cement that collaboration, Jordan recalled, “I wanted to get Jay-Z and Nas on my album because they were feuding. I wanted to bring these two together on a record and show the world that it’s just rap.”

The Houston rapper continued, “Why they were feuding, that’s not my f*ckin’ business. I wanted to make the dopest f*cking record that I could make, and I feel like to make the dopest f*ckin’ record that I could make, I would have to have two of the best emcees of all time on that sh*t.”

Speaking about the beat that he made for ‘In Between Us’ featuring Nas, Jordan divulged how he made it while Nas was in the booth rapping for another track, declaring, “Nas is like… a masterful MC,” he said of the rapper, who he’s collaborated with on many tracks. You can listen to ‘In Between Us’ in the video below.