Scales of Nappy Roots has been shot, robbed and kidnapped
(Credit: YouTube)


Scales of Nappy Roots has been shot, robbed and kidnapped

Kentucky rap group, Nappy roots, may have found fame with their idiosyncratic sense of hip hop style, but sadly that fame has come back to haunt one member of the group; Scales.

Today, local Atlanta news station 11 Alive reported that Scales was the victim of a terrifying violent incident. Scales and the group are brewers and have their own brewing company called Atlantucky Brewing in the Castleberry Hill area of Atlanta. It was here that the violence took place.

The incident occurred when the business was closing around 11pm as two suspects reportedly robbed a customer at gunpoint before moving into the premise and finding Scales. From there, the two suspects forced the rapper into his car.

Scales was then reportedly driven toward the Atlanta airport and endured physical violence during the ride. Scales was reportedly shot during the trip though he was later able to make his escape.

Officers later found his car abandoned in Georgia, and Scales was taken to hospital where his condition is said to be stable. “I am certainly relieved that my business partner and brother Scales is safe and recovering…that is what is most important,” fellow Nappy Roots member Skinny told the outlet.

“We are certainly also praying for the patron who was shot outside the establishment.”