Salt-N-Pepa’s Cheryl James was “asked to have an abortion”
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Salt-N-Pepa's Cheryl James was "asked to have an abortion"

US rapper Cheryl ‘Salt’ James of Salt-N-Pepa has revealed that she was asked to have an abortion by members of the music industry. James’ comments came during her and groupmate Sandra ‘Peppa’ Denton’s recent appearance on the Tamron Hall show in celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary.

During the episode, the guests discussed the struggles women face in the male-dominated hip-hop industry, paying particular attention to the motherhood/career debate. When asked what it was like being required to tour and make music as a mother, James said that it was “definitely harder” in the early years.

“I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud,” James began. “I was actually asked to have an abortion – I won’t say by who. But to your point, yeah, you just have to know that it’s something that you’re capable of handling if you want a kid and you want to have a career.” To that, Denton added: “We said, ‘We can do it’ and whatever came my way, I handled it, which was taking the good with the bad … ’cause someone has to do it!” [quotes via The Independant].

Denton gave birth to her first child Tyran in 1990 at the age of 33. Her second, Egypt, was born in 1998. James, meanwhile, had her first child, Corin, in 1991 and her second, Chapele in 1999. “Having my daughter, besides finding Jesus, is the best thing that I’ve ever experienced, my kids,” James concluded. “Like, I needed that lil’ baby in my life, you know? She kept me company on the road.”