Russell Simmons accused of falsifying settlement document in sexual assault case
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Russell Simmons accused of falsifying settlement document in sexual assault case

Russell Simmons, the co-founder of hip-hop record label Def Jam, has been accused of falsifying a settlement document for a sexual assault case that was formally filed against him earlier in the year. 

Simmons allegedly admitted to Ms Doe that he was “Sorry for what he’d done” in an amended report filed on April 30th. He also said that he wanted to settle the case without involving attorneys. However, Jane Doe has accused Simmons of falsifying a settlement document and then submitting that falsified document to court. 

The complaint highlights several inconsistencies within the document that would lead people to believe it has been falsified. “The document is an Adobe pdf file titled ‘Agreement – Jane Doe v. Russell Simmons’, although the words ‘[Doe] – Executed Document.pdf’ also appear in the body of the file at the top of each page,” the complaint reads, “The metadata for the file states ‘Created: March 24, 2024’, the document is dated ‘January 9, 1997’ at the top of each page, but states ‘[Jane Doe] 1-6-97’ at the bottom of each page’.” 

Other discrepancies include the fact that there is a different employee’s name at the top of the document, and the handwriting on the agreement is not the handwriting of Jane Doe. It’s also confusing that the document has been printed on Rush Associated Label letterhead rather than Simmons’s company, Def Jam’s letterhead. 

The original complaint filed by the plaintiff, in this case, was done so in New York federal court and accused Simmons of false imprisonment, battery, emotional distress and a violation of the state’s gender-motivated violence law. The plaintiff alleges that Simmons invited her to his apartment for work and began wrestling with her “in an attempt to appear playful,” but this escalated, and he pinned her down on the bed aggressively. 

Court documents state that “Ms Doe repeatedly told Mr Simmons to get off her, but he refused… Mr Simmons proceeded to rape her.” Simmons then allegedly continued to harass the plaintiff at work, eventually forcing her to resign in 1997. 

This is a developing story; more information will follow.