Run The Jewels create new craft beers in collaboration with black-owned breweries
(Credit: Jonathan Mannion)


Run The Jewels create new craft beers in collaboration with black-owned breweries

Run The Jewels have announced that they will be joining forces with three black-owned breweries to create three new craft beers inspired by the hip-hop duo.

The new specialist beers include ‘Never Look Back’, which is a rice lager made by the Florida brewery, Green Bench Brewing Co. Then there’s ‘All Due Respect’, an ale made from corn grits and molasses in partnership with North Carolina’s Proximity Brewing and Spaceway Brewing.

Finally, there’s ‘Blockbuster Night, Pt. 1’, which is a classic IPA given a modern twist and is made with cannabis terpenes. It is being crafted and produced by Pennsylvania’s Brew Gentlemen and will be launched at Barrel + Flow Fest 2021. You can find more information and check out the can designs on the duo’s website.

Run The Jewels have said that a percentage of the proceeds from the beers will be invested back into the communities that brewed them. The proceeds from ‘Never Look Back’, for example, will be donated to Beer Kulture, a non-profit organisation that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality in the world of craft beer.

In addition, 50 per cent of the proceeds from ‘Blockbuster Night, Pt. 1’ IPA will be donated to several arts and children’s charities in Pittsburgh. A percentage of the proceeds of the ‘All Due Respect’ will be sent to the Blacktoberfest, where that specific beer will be launched.

This isn’t the first time RTJ have dipped their toes into the world of craft beer. They have a long history of collaborating with breweries across the US, launching their ‘Stay Gold’ IPA in 2017 in partnership with the Brooklyn-based brewery, Interboro.

In the intervening years, they’ve released an array of beverages and worked with countless independent breweries. Most recently, they launched the ‘Ooh La La’, a pink lemonade hard seltzer, which was created in collaboration with the Illinois-based brewery, City Water.

(Credit: Run The Jewels)