Run-DMC rapper DMC says he’s running for President
(Credit: Luigi Novi)


Run-DMC rapper DMC says he's running for President

If you thought the idea of Kanye West running for President was a stretch, then the notion that Run-DMC rapper DMC is putting himself forward as a candidate is likely going to land as entirely ludicrous.

However, while West was aiming to take charge of the White House to enact his vision of a MAGA-adjacent America, DMC says he is thinking about running to try and unify the country.

The idea came up while DMC spoke with OutKick, a football magazine focusing on the stunning transfer of perhaps the world’s greatest footballer, Lionel Messi, moving to the MLS as part of the new-look Inter Miami team.

“The whole beauty of everything that’s going on, Messi being here, soccer, MLS, everything that’s going on, this is what the world is all about,” he told the publication. “We see so much division, but if we go to a soccer game or concert or museum, where the sports and art is, it’s a true representation of how great this world is. Not can be, is.”

“And I am running for President starting today,” he continued, “because in a beautiful place like this… what better place to announce it? But it’s all about togetherness and people coming together.”

DMC has routinely put himself into the public sphere as an advocate for social justice. Only recently did he encourage young rappers to speak up about mental health and addiction issues.

However, even with a sway as big as DMC’s, it feels unlikely that this Presidential bid will ever get off the ground.