Rihanna overtakes Katy Perry as most followed woman on Twitter
(Credit: YouTube still)


Rihanna overtakes Katy Perry as most followed woman on Twitter

Rihanna has become the most followed woman on Twitter, having surpassed her closest competitor Katy Perry. The pop singer and businesswoman has careers in the music, fashion and cosmetics industries. At the time of writing, Rihanna has 108,278,326 followers on Twitter, making her the most followed woman in the world and the fourth most followed ever.

Her closest rivals are Justin Bieber, who has 113,171,252 followers, and former US president Barack Obama, who is the second most followed account on the social media platform, with 132,941,739 followers. The top spot is currently held by Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has 134,341,896 followers.

The former most followed woman was ‘Dark Horse’ singer Katy Perry. With 108,258,344 followers, she is currently ranked as the fifth most followed Twitter account worldwide.

As well as a long and successful music career, Rihanna is also an established business mogul, having launched her Fenty Beauty range in 2017. She subsequently launched the Savage X Fenty clothing line. Her recent Super Bowl halftime show brought in 118.7 million viewers. Katy Perry’s 2015 performance still holds the record with an average of 121 million viewers.