Rick Ross takes aim at 50 Cent: “Fat Joe, I concur!”
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Rick Ross takes aim at 50 Cent: "Fat Joe, I concur!"

Florida rapper Rick Ross has called out his longtime rival 50 Cent after Terror Squad emcee Fat Joe aimed at his hip-hop counterparts for incriminating their affiliates by speaking about their street beefs online.

Fat Joe (real name Jose Cartagena) took to Instagram Live to lecture MCs about the potential consequences of exposing their rivals. During his lecture, Cartagena insisted that no matter what issue you have with another artist, you should never put their freedom on the line by bringing up their criminal past.

Ranting through his camera, Cartagena exclaimed, “If I got beef with another rapper, another DJ, and that guy’s fighting the law where he might be going to jail for 10 years, 15 years, I don’t think it’s cool for hip-hop beef to be like, ‘Yeah, go get him! He does this, he does that.’ That’s jail.”

He continued, “Now, you think it’s hip-hop, you think it’s fun and games, but R. Kelly’s in jail — for life! One of the greatest, most famous, most illest entertainers — might be the greatest ever — is in jail for life.”

Clarifying that he wasn’t speaking about any particular individual, the ‘Lean Back artist concluded, “I’m talking about everybody, guys. I’m not talking about somebody specific. But if I got rap beef with you, it’s not cute for me to try to put your business out there or dirty your face or point allegations to you because I want more ratings or I want to sell more records.”

This lecture comes after 50 Cent recently drew attention to Diddy by claiming he was an integral part of 2Pac’s 1996 murder. Following Fat Joe’s video, Rick Ross commented, “Ohh, this the 50 cent #tupac, Diddy shit! @fatjoe I concur.”

However, Ross has been accused of hypocrisy as he recently accused DJ Envy of being complicit in a multimillion-dollar property scam run by Miami real estate developer Cesar Pina.