Rick Ross reveals he loves Phil Collins and Gloria Estefan’s music
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Rick Ross reveals he loves Phil Collins and Gloria Estefan's music

Florida emcee Rick Ross recently spoke to PEOPLE magazine, and, during his interview, the ‘Hustlin’ musician admitted that he has a love for Phil Collins and Gloria Estefan’s music and even called their records “timeless”. 

Ross recently released a collaborative album with Philadelphia emcee Meek Mill, entitled Too Good To Be True, and while speaking about his influences and music he likes, the Miami musician stated that his fans might be shocked concerning some of the songs he has in his playlists.

Speaking about some of the tracks he plays regularly, the lyricist (real name William Roberts) highlighted, “It’s too easy. “Phil Collins, ‘In The Air Tonight’. This is that yacht music right here.”

As well as Phil Collins, Sade, and New Jersey hip-hop duo PM Dawn, Roberts expressed his love for Gloria Estefan’smaterial, exclaiming, “Welcome to Miami! You feel me? That’s just that top-down Miami shit. Let the top down! Matter of fact, leave the top at home. Don’t only let it down. Leave it at home. You can’t even let it back up. Fuck it, that’s Miami!”

The artist, who is known for reworking old songs, said he finds inspiration in “timeless records”, stating, “I know where I want inspiration from. I know where I need it. Timeless records. When I’m talking about records that’s 40 years old, 30 years old, what’s the feeling I’m looking for? I could just keep going.”

During the conversation, Ross admitted that European music played a big part in the shaping of the Miami music scene and highlighted his sampling of Tears For Fears’ ‘Shout’ on ‘Too Good To Be True’ cut, ‘Go To Hell’.

Opening up about the worldwide nature of the Miami scene, Roberts professed, “The same way the Latin scene was in Miami, the European music scene was in Miami. So ‘Tears For Fears’, most definitely, that shit was like 2 Live Crew.”