Rick Ross decides who won the Jay-Z and Nas beef
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Rick Ross decides who won the Jay-Z and Nas beef

‘Aston Martin Music’ emcee Rick Ross has finally revealed who he believes won the 2001 battle between Jay-Z and Nas that saw the two legends exchange legendary diss tracks that get played to this day. 

The winner has been a long-running debate in hip-hop music, and during an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, the Maybach Music Group founder discussed the battle between the musicians both whom he has collaborated with. 

After the podcast’s co-host Mike Majlak insisted that Jay-Z won the battle “from a business standpoint,” Ross replied, “That’s what I do love about Hip Hop because it always goes back to how much money a n*gga got.”

Unveiling he loves both artists, Ross stated, “I’m a be honest, me being a fan of Nas and Hov, I feel like they both handled their business, you know what I mean? Because they both shot back. And to me, that’s what it’s about because a lot of times n*ggas will tap out. They both shot back, and they both kept going.”

Although Rick Ross couldn’t make a judgement as to who won the intense battle. Last year, Roc-a-Fella co-founder Dame Dash insisted that Nas definitely won the beef over Jay.

During an appearance on the That’s Fucked Up Podcast last year, the Harlem native reflected on the legendary feud and said that Hov’s response to ‘Ether’ was trash and not effective.

Explaining this, Dash proclaimed, “Jay’s response was terrible. The thing is, we had first hit him with the joint at Summer Jam that was kinda hard, the ‘Takeover.’ But when [Nas] came with the ‘Ether,’ I was kinda hype because he said my name. I was like, ‘I guess I’m in a rap record.'”

He concluded, “But the response, I wasn’t there for the response. I had landed, Irv Gotti fucked that one up. Every time Irv Gotti got in my business, he fucked shit up … He threw that ‘Ether’ on him. He had him apologizing. The rap that he did was wack — when I heard it, I was pissed.”

Youc an watch Rick Ross on the Implaulsive podcast below.