Revisit the Beastie Boys’ final ever performance
(Credit: Masao Nakagami)

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Revisit the Beastie Boys' final ever performance

In what was their final ever concert, footage of the Beastie Boys’ performing for the last time is now streaming live on Youtube,

The set, which was a headlining performance at Bonnaroo Festival in 2009, has been released in full. At a time when live music seems like a distant memory amid the strict social distancing measures, the clip of Beastie Boys taking to the stage for the last time was first aired as part of the festival’s “Virtual ROO-ALITY” streaming event. Now though, the band has confirmed that the clip will available for fans to view over the full weekend.

“The last gig,” the band said on social media of the performance. “We’ve heard from so many fans around the world that were unable to tune in last night, so our friends at Bonnaroo are letting the set live online through the weekend,” they added.

Rolling through a number of hits during the performance, Beastie Boys brought the house down with a career-spanning show. However, shortly after the event, pivotal band member Adam “MCA” Yauch was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer. Due to his ill-heath, Beastie Boys would immediately cancel all planned shows and promo opportunities. Tragically, however, Yauch died on May 4, 2012.

Below, see his last effort on stage—and what an effort it was.