Revisit some of Busta Rhymes’ fastest verses
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Revisit some of Busta Rhymes' fastest verses

Busta Rhymes is one of the most iconic rappers in hip hop history, primarily due to his incredible skills in writing and flow. He’s known across the music industry for his ability not only for rapping creatively and having great songwriting prowess, but also for his immense technical skill and speed.

Even those with the ability to copy him exactly and rap some of the same verses that he can don’t do it the exact same way as the original himself, which is part of what makes him such a legend. He’s produced some of the most recognisable songs in hip hop history, and it can be interesting to look back on some of his technical feats.

After performing as a member of Leaders of the New School for a number of years, Busta Rhymes put out his first solo studio album in 1996, and has been steadily producing music ever since, with a total of 10 solo studio albums under his belt. With so much to work with, it’s no wonder why his fastest verses are often highly debated. Here are just a few that seem to consistently make the list.

Some of Busta Rhymes’ fastest verses:

5. ‘Why Stop Now’

This song might not have aged perfectly considering the Chris Brown feature, but one must admit that his speed and technical skill on his verse are absolutely killer. The song came out in 2012, and although it might not be his most famous, it certainly shows off his skills.

4. ‘Break Ya Neck’

Taking it back for a song that’s a bit more classic when it comes to Busta Rhymes, considering that it came out in 2001. However, Busta Rhymes is quite prolific, meaning that this song came out on his fifth studio album. Either way, it’s one of the songs he’s known best for, and it’s clear why.

3. ‘Look At Me Now’

Speaking of some of his biggest hits, ‘Look At Me Now’ has to be one of the most recognisable songs to come from Busta Rhymes. His quick verse from the iconic track has been copied and covered time and time again, but nobody does it quite like the original.

2. ’60 Second Assassins’

This has got to be one of his fastest yet. He almost sounds like he’s been sped up for his quick spurts, but there are also times when he slows down and gives it a break with plenty of style. This one is likely one of his fastest, technically speaking.

1. ‘Worldwide Choppers’

Although, much like ’60 Second Assassins’, this one slows down in places to give things a break, he definitely shows off his speedy tongue in the fastest verse on this song. ‘Worldwide Choppers’ was released in 2011, and although it’s technically a feature, he definitely shows off the skills he came to flex.