Remy Ma names the one rapper that reached out to her in jail
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Remy Ma names the one rapper that reached out to her in jail

Bronx rapper Remy Ma was one of the few prevalent female MCs of the early 2000s. During this period, the most iconic emcee of the ’90s, Lil Kim, was slowly but surely fading. However, musicians such as Trina and Remy Ma started to rise.

Found by Bronx rapper Sunkiss in 1999 and quickly introduced to Big Pun, Remy quickly became an official member of the Terror Squad and signed with Loud Records alongside Fat Joe in 2000. However, she made her official breakthrough with her appearance on the remix of M.O.P’s smash hit ‘Ante-Up’ in 2001.

Nowadays, Remy Ma is most known for her ‘Shether’ diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. However, the musician (real name Reminisce Mackie) went through a lot in her career prior to the release of that song.

After the release of ‘Lean Back’ Terror Squad’s 2004 hit single, Remy Ma worked on her debut solo album, There’s Something About Remy, which was released at the start of 2006. Initially, it seemed as if there was nothing stopping the rapper. However, shortly after her album release in 2006, the rapper found herself having a severe brush with the law after an accident with a firearm led to one of her friends being shot. In 2007 the rapper was sentenced to seven years in prison.

In an appearance on the Rise And Grind Morning Show on Philadelphia’s Power 99.0 FM, Mackie opened up about her time in prison and even revealed the one and only rapper that showed her support while she was incarcerated. Speaking about friendships and how they changed following her guilty verdict, Mackie stated, “It’s easy to have friends when you’re up, and everything is going good; everyone wanna be your friend, but when my bundles is out, and my lashes is off, and my beat is not happening, and I got on state greens do you still love me do you still wanna be around me?!”

While talking about who showed her support during her imprisonment, Mackie disclosed there was only one rapper that really showed her love, disclosing, “The one besides Keyshia Cole, who I always talk about and every time I see him I tell him ‘Thank You’ because we didn’t hang out together was 50 Cent! Mr Curtis Jackson.”

She continued, “Whenever I put in for an appellate judgement or an appeal, he made sure that letters was written. He personally signed them, telling the judge if you do grant her this release, she’ll have a job, I’ll let you know where she’ll be working and not just once for every appeal that I put in for. This was when he was moving around doing everything, he was taking out time to make sure he signed those letters, so that means something to me. If he ever calls me and needs me for anything, I got him, it’s without a question!”

You can hear the ‘Whuteva’ lyricist speak about her love for 50 Cent in the video below.