Redman kills a Jay-Z beat in his freestyle series
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Redman kills a Jay-Z beat in his freestyle series

Redman has recently released another freestyle as he continues his ‘J@Q BOI BE@TZ’ series. The emcee (real name Reginald Noble) used Jay-Z’s ‘What More Can I Say’ instrumental for his latest offering. The original track appeared on Jay-Z’s 2003 Black Album. 

The New Jersey emcee recently decided to release a string of freestyles in a mixtape fashion to spit verses over beats from some of his favourite songs. Rapping lyrics such as, “I’m a Goliath, I even gave Connie tongue / ‘Cause I was born in Bricks from out a rowdy bunch”, he has taken it upon himself to show his lyrical ability.  

Redman and Jay-Z are close friends behind the scenes, and in the late-1990s when the Brooklyn musician released his multi-platinum album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life, he asked Redman, along with DMX and Method Man, to join him on his Hard Knock Life Tour the following year.

In a 2020 interview with HipHopDX, Noble called the Hard Knock Life tour the “most historical” tour in hip-hop history, stating, “I say that not only because of the amazing artists that was on the tour but because of the energy we produced.”

He continued, “We was all under the same label. We all had albums out that was doing very well. We all respected each other, number one. What we created on the road was a family, a family of energy and getting money and competition as well. At the time, we was going out a little bit earlier than a lot of the other groups. Sometimes we would go out there and people were still folding up chairs, putting chairs down and shit.”

Redman and Method Man, who eventually formed a duo in 2001, even inspired Jay-Z and DMX to boost their energy levels on stage. Speaking about the success of the tour, Noble elaborated, “We still had an audience in the outer regions of the stadium because we were packing 60,000, 70,000 a night.”

Although Jay-Z and DMX would eventually overtake both Method Man and Redman concerning levels of success, all four had a cordial relationship behind the scenes and continued to respect each other’s lyrical skills.