Rapper refuses to work with Nelly ever again
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Rapper refuses to work with Nelly ever again

In a recent appearance on VladTV, former St Lunatics member Ali asserted that he will never perform or work with Nelly again as the ‘Dilemma’ rapper allegedly owes him a large sum of money which he has not paid. 

The St Lunatics were a Missouri collective of which Nelly was a member before he signed with a major label and found commercial fame. Nelly (real name Cornell Haynes) was indebted to many of the crewmates he left behind, and despite his cashflow, failed to repay what he owed.

Explaining the debt details, Ali opened up, detailing, “I’ll say like it could be $90,000 or $70,000. When that conversation happens, I’ll get a cheque. It’ll be $13,000. Now you’ll be fucked up now because what is this $13,000 for? You owe me $91,000.”

According to Ali, Nelly paid him a one-off $13k, but that is far below what he is owed, proclaiming, “What did you pay me for? At the end of it, it’s gonna be $66,000 because he’s far behind on the payments.”

Ali reprimanded Haynes for his abrupt and heartless divide from the group and lack of communication. He insisted that he would never work with the Country Grammar star again as he took advantage of him. 

Assured that Nelly will never change his selfish ways, Ali unveiled, “A tiger ain’t never gon’ change his stripes. I watched it for 20 years, and I’m the butt of the joke because it took me 20 years to realize it. I could put a never, ever behind it. I will never hit the stage or do anything with him.”

Ali concluded, stating, “He has no real raw good intentions for others. Not for us, and we’ve all sat together and searched hard to try to find a time that didn’t benefit him. He got $50 million, I’m happy for him. That’s what he wants. He wants a billion.”