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New allegations claim R. Kelly sexual assaulted an underage boy

Further allegations of sex crimes have been levelled against the singer R. Kelly including sexual contact with an underage boy. 

The latest reports from the court case by the Associate Press shows that federal prosecutors attempting to charge the singer with sex trafficking offence have supplied over a dozen new allegations. 

On Friday, these incidents were presented in court ahead of the criminal trial beginning on August 9th. The aim of the prosecutors was to show a vast range of evidence before the trial to show to would-be jurors that the actions for which he is prosecuted are part of a pattern. 

The list of damning accusations levelled against the disgraced singer includes sexual abuse, physical abuse, threatening and mistreatment. 

One notable incident involved a 17-year-old boy who was aspiring to be a musician, so he allegedly met R. Kelly in a McDonalds in 2006. The court papers then state that R. Kelly invited the boy back to a studio and propositioned the boy asking: “What he would do to make it in the music business.”

The singer then engaged in sexual contact with the boy, having used his position in the industry to abuse his power. 

More is expected to surface from the court case in the coming days before the criminal trial begins in August.