R. Kelly says he wasn’t aware of $10.5m documentary lawsuit
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R. Kelly says he wasn't aware of $10.5m documentary lawsuit

R. Kelly has recently come in front of a court to claim that he was unaware of a 2019 lawsuit filed on his behalf to prevent the release of his damning documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. The court proceedings saw the disgraced R’n’B singer lose $10.5million. 

However, the Chicago vocalist has come forward insisting that he never knew about the lawsuit and claims he wasn’t able to fight his case properly due to the number of cases he was battling at the time.

Several females appeared in the documentary, and according to all six women, Kelly and his former manager, Donnell Russell, repeatedly threatened them and demanded they shut down the documentary screening in September 2018. Unfortunately for the disgraced vocalist, due to his terroristic threats in August of last year, the women won the suit for a joint total of $10.5million.

However, court documents obtained by the hip-hop media outlet TMZ show that R. Kelly has now claimed it’s impossible to keep up with everything concerning lawsuits – especially from behind bars. As such, he believes that the case went through the courts without his knowledge. 

Furthermore, Kelly claims that even if he had seen the paperwork, he wouldn’t have been able to understand it as the singer still has not yet learned to read “or understand words beyond that of a grade-schooler.”

As expected, R. Kelly has insisted that he’s innocent and that Donnell was not his manager at the time. He declared he acted independently to shut the screening down but accepted the outcome.

Aside from this recent court case, R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons for allegedly leaking his prison emails and call logs to blogger Tasha K, a prominent content creator and influencer.

He filed the lawsuit in Chicago federal court on November 13th. His legal team have insisted that, with the information, the blogger “rallied her massive following to harass the plaintiff with the use of the stolen information and created chaos in the plaintiff’s personal life.” The case is still ongoing.