Pusha T takes aim at his haters: “They’ll do things I’ll never do”
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Pusha T takes aim at his haters: "They'll do things I'll never do"

Pusha T has been a controversial figure over the years due to his multiple feuds. As such, he has a lot of people judging his music and overall personality. The Virginia rapper and former Clipse member was Kanye West’s partner in crime for a long time but only recently parted ways with the Chicago producer.

In a recent interview with the esteemed magazine GQ, the musician (real name Terrence Thornton) let off some steam about his music industry feuds, growth as an artist and handling internet haters. 

Speaking on the observations of his peers, Thornton stated, “When you look at who’s the talker, and you look at what they’ve done and who they are and what they offer to you, it’s funny.” He continued, “I’ve been in this game for a minute, and I’ve watched the game, and I’ve watched people at their highs and at their lows. And, mind you, most people are chasing things I’ve never chased in hip-hop.”

Elaborating on his approach to charting and successful albums, Thornton continued, “I’ve never chased hit records. I’ve never chased anything but having incredible albums. So I’m not even surprised at the way people speak about me or whatever the case may be right now.”

He continued, “It’s like I’m watching these guys panic. You know what I’m saying? They’re all panicking, and then they’re trying to figure out, ‘Wait a minute, how is this guy turning the corner and I’m not?’ It’s funny to watch. It’s my reassurance that I’m doing everything correctly. I’m not even shit-talking. It’s like the real truth, man. They’ll do things I’ll never do.”

Thornton’s GQ arrived only a few weeks after Drake decided to rekindle his feud with Pusha T with shots on Travis Scott’s new album Utopia on the song ‘Meltdown’. Pusha is yet to respond to the disses. 

As well as Pusha, Drake decided to diss Thornton’s Virginia counterpart and longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams who put Clipse on the map culturally with the Neptune-produced song ‘Grindin’.