Pusha T calls ‘It’s Almost Dry’ the best rap album of the year
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Pusha T calls ‘It’s Almost Dry’ the best rap album of the year

During a live show, Pusha T has called his latest record, It’s Almost Dry, the best rap album of the year.

Pusha has never been short of confidence and considering the quality of It’s Almost Dry, he has every right to feel good right now. Whether it’s the rap album of the year is up for debate, we’ve also had releases from Kendrick Lamar, Future, Denzel Curry, Vince Staples, Action Bronson, and Earl Sweatshirt, but Pusha T is certainly in the conversation.

While performing at the Novo in Los Angeles, he told those in the audience: “It’s Almost Dry rap album of the motherfucking year. They can’t fuck with me!”

The record is the most commercially successful of his career and debuted at the Billboard 200. It was produced by both Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams, who managed to get the best out of Pusha on his latest solo release.

Meanwhile, elsewhere during his residency at the 2,400 capacity venue, he introduced Pharrell Williams as a special guest and thanked him for everything he’s done throughout his career.

“Without Pharrell, there is no It’s Almost Dry,” Pusha T told the crowd. “He brought a whole different dynamic to my album, Man I love you, bro, for everything, always. You brought me in this game, you taught me everything! Everything! Clothes, dressing, what you want? You did it. Real shit, no lie.”