Pusha T confirms his departure from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. label
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Pusha T confirms his departure from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. label

In a new interview, Pusha T has revealed he’s no longer part of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. label following Ye’s recent string of antisemitic remarks.

For years, the two have enjoyed a strong working relationship, with Ye cooking up some of Push’s best beats. West produced half of the songs on his last album, It’s Almost Dry, and Pharrell Williams created the rest. Meanwhile, Ye was in sole control of production on the critically acclaimed Daytona, but their road has now come to an end.

Speaking to XXL (via NME), Push (real name Terrence Thornton) said, “No. No No, I’m not,” when asked if he was still active at G.O.O.D. He explained how his deal was “a 50/50 venture with Def Jam” for his music and label, the Heir Wave Music Group.

Previously, in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Pusha said: “It’s definitely affected me. It’s been disappointing. As a Black man in America, there is no room for bigotry or hate speech. So yeah. It’s been very disappointing.”

He also said they last spoke on October 30th. Opening up about their conversation, Thornton said: “I just expressed myself. I express myself to him a lot. He expressed his thoughts to me. And he got off the phone saying, ‘Thank you. I know you don’t agree with me, but you never kill me in the public. And some people can’t wait to do that.’”

On his change of tune, “[West] knows I will do everything I gotta do and wanna do. In regard to anything that jeopardizes my look, my pride, anything. He knows that. He knows there’s no talking me off any ledges. He just can’t do it. With him knowing that. I got too much pride to ask somebody to not move a certain way. I don’t do it. But I’m going to react as Coo Coo Cal as I fucking want to when I feel like something is not going in my favor. It is what it is, man.”

He continued: “[West is] not speaking to me now. If you ain’t with it, you ain’t down. And I ain’t with it. I’m not budging on that. I’m not with it. I heard about this new stuff [on InfoWars]. I don’t know. It’s something that just sort of tells me he’s not well, at the same time. I will say that. It’s going to places where it’s no way to move around it.”