Pusha T clears up rumours of Eminem beef
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Pusha T clears up rumours of Eminem beef

When rapper Pusha T appeared on The Morning Hustle recently, the host, Lore, asked him about being pitted against other rappers, and what that beef was like, and Pusha T had quite a specific response.

He said, “I saw just recently on Twitter people saying myself and Eminem. I’m like, bro! It was a misinterpretation of something I don’t even remember. Something I said or whatever. But you know, people decode, and they have their own thing.” The comment cleared up any rumours of beef with Eminem, but for good measure, he continued, praising his peer.

He went on to say, “He’s one of them people that I really like what he does because, after all of his success, I can still find Lyricist Lounge Eminem. That’s a goal for me, personally.” 

Although Eminem himself has yet to comment on the situation, it seems apparent enough that the two have no bad blood between them. It’s unclear what started the feud rumours in the first place, but regardless, they’ve since been put to rest.

In fact, it seems that Pusha T is a relatively peaceful guy who doesn’t like beef in any regard. On his most recent album, Kid Cudi and Kanye West both made featured contributions—even the two notoriously have beef with one another. He said of the situation, “It’s one thing for us to argue. We all argue – that’s not a problem. It gets out there, whether it’s Ye bickering first, or Cudi coming back with what he says. It’s super–fucked up.”

From the looks of it, we won’t be hearing much drama out of Pusha T anytime soon. However, his album It’s Almost Dry came out in April, and you can find it on all streaming platforms now.