Pusha T and Jay-Z team up on new song ‘Neck & Wrist’
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Pusha T and Jay-Z team up on new song 'Neck & Wrist'

Pusha T and Jay-Z have teamed up on the new track ‘Neck & Wrist’.

The Pharell Williams produced joint is the latest effort to be released from Pusha’s upcoming album, which remains to be officially announced, but is imminent. ‘Neck & Twist’ has only heightened expectations for the forthcoming release.

Half of the album is produced by Pharrell, who also sought help from his partner in The Neptunes, Chad Hugo. Meanwhile, the rest of the record has been crafted by the more than capable hands of Kanye West. Pusha has also confirmed that the album’s two sides will blend together rather than sit side by side.

Explaining his decision to pick up the phone to his childhood friend Pharrell, Push told Complex: “I was like, ‘Man, you know what? Let’s just cook up while there are no expectations. Nobody’s thinking about us. We can actually find shit that we like. We can go through the processes’.”

“He just wanted to listen to me rap all day,” he said about the album’s other collaborator, Ye. “He likes when I talk about all types of things. He just likes to hear my perspective. It shows him my attitude.” 

Pusha praised Jay-Z too, who features on ‘Neck & Wrist’. He said: “You can only say the type of shit he says when you’ve reached that level of success. I reach out to him because I know it’s something that I can’t say. It’s dope, and it should be inspiring when you hear it. To say some of the most outlandish shit, and it actually be true, that should be aspirational to all rap artists.” 

Listen to the spectacular collaboration below.